6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

Moderns (post WW2) Section


This part of my web site is about 20th Century wargaming using 6mm (1/300th) figures. This is one of my favourite periods and I am keen on the European theatre. At the moment I have some pictures of my armies but I will add some game photos eventually. I mainly buy from Scotia and GHQ along with a few from Navwar as I like their Aircraft and Helicopters.

Modern Russian Gallery

Newer models and painting style. Eventually all the older models will be repainted or replaced to this style.

Older Modern Russian Galleries

A large army (by my standards) which is a mix of Scotia, CNC and GHQ. They are painted a plain olive green so they could be used for a 50-80s army and I have some in the late 80s "MERDC" style camo the Soviets used.

  • Click here to see Tanks and AT vehicles.

  • Click here to see APCs and Scout Cars.

  • Click here to see SPAA and other miscellaneous vehicles including a Lebed hovercraft.

  • Click here to see Towed and Self propelled Artillery.

Modern French Gallery

Photos of my 90s French army in 1/300th. These are mainly Heroics and Ros models apart from the few mentioned. They were painted in the new NATO 3 colour camouflage scheme which was time consuming.

Making burning markers for aircraft and vehicles

Vehicle and Aircraft Markers to help with your games.

Modern South African Gallery - UPDATED

These are almost all Scotia models and covers virtually the whole range. Note I have begun repainting this army so the pictures are new along with some new comments. I have not repainted any artillery and a few other vehicles yet, so I have left the old page here until they are finished.
  • Click here to see Tanks, Armoured Cars and APCs. (NEW)

  • Click here to see other light vehicles.(NEW)

  • Click here to see Artillery etc. Still old vehicles