6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

SADF Gallery

Tanks, Armoured Cars and APCs

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CNC Oliphant Mk1A Tank

A beautiful model from CNC which is actually the Israeli XXXX. I really like it that they come with separate side skirts.

CNC Oliphant Mk1A Tank

The tanks was modifed slightly with a large stowage ppiece added to the back of the turret. Also I push-cast the road wheels and have added them to some tanks. Also the barrel was replaced with brass rod and green stuff. The CNC barrels are very fine but are very bendy and dont survive the rigours of wargaming very weel. The numbers are decals from i-94 enterprises

GHQ Comet Tank

These were leftover from a WW2 army and I didn't want to use them for that period. Luckily the SADF still had some Comets in service so it is a good chace to use them. A very nice model from GHQ and the only change I made was to replace the barrel with brass rod and a blob of greenstuff on the end and add some stowage.

Scotia Rooikat Armoured Car

The model looks a bit out of proportion so I tried to improve it by making the turret taller and making the wheels larger. Its a minor improvement to this model which is still pretty good.

Scotia Ratel 90 FSV

This is the turret from the Eland 90 on a Ratel hull. I switched the turret with one from a AML90 as it is a better turret model

Scotia Ratel 20 APC

A great model which captures the Ratel vehicle very well (as does the rest of the Ratel range).

Ratel 60 FSV

The turret is from the Eland 60 and the hull is from a Ratel 20.

Scotia Buffel APC

Another very nice model from Scotia and part of the excellent South African range. Some infantry were added from CnC, the the bar ontop was made from a piece of brass rod.

Scotia Casspir APC

A cool looking model from Scotia and a large vehicle. Also useful for District 9 scenarios!