6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Modern SADF Gallery - Light Vehicles

Light Vehicles

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Landrover with SS11 missiles

This is the Scotia Recoiless Rifle Landrover version which I converted by carving out the Recoiless rifle and adding the missile launchers on each side. This was based on a photo I found online and I think the missile parts were donated from a H&R Jeep+SS11 model.

Scotia Ratel 81 Mortar carrier

A 81mm mortar carrier model and it is a very good model.

Scotia Ratel ARV

A great variant of the Ratel 20 and it has a front bumper/dozer blade, rear crane and a spare wheel on top.

Scotia Samil 50 Truck (Closed top)

Great model from Scotia and this is a big truck!

Scotia Samil 50 Truck (Open top)

Again a gret model and its is good to see open and closed top variations.

H&R Unimog Truck

These were used until South African started making their own range of Samil trucks I believe. Lovely model of this truck and it depicts an earlier version of the Unimog.

Scotia Landrovers vehicles

These are from Scotia and are the earlier pattern. The photos show both the LWB and SWB version.

Valkiri MRL

MRL on a Samil 20 chassis although I have also seen photos of them on a Unimog chassis.