6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Articles index


This page has been created to consolidate all the articles and how-to documents into one place. As the site has grown it is becoming more fragmented and it is harder to find information easily. Hopefully this page will provide a index of all the articles and a description on each.

Tutorials and Making stuff

NEW - Making 6mm roads

A step by step guide for making dirt and asphalt roads for gamers.

Making burning markers for aircraft and vehicles

A how to guide for making Aircraft and Vehicle markers

Constructing a Scifi Settlement

A scratchbuilt Scifi settlement made from a variety of house bits and pieces. Completed buildings are located here

Construction and ideas for Scifi Structures and terrain

Some additional Settlers buildings, Natural terrain and Ancient Alien ruins inspired by lots of different sources including Dr Suess!

Terrain boards Part 1

The first part of a very large project to make some terrain boards for 6mm wargaming. They were designed to be used for a number of different periods.

Terrain boards Part 2

The second part of a very large project to make some terrain boards for 6mm wargaming.

Terrain boards Part 3

The final part (for now!) in the series making terrain boards. This part shows the finished boards and some thoughts on how they have turned out and possible future plans

Terrain board components

Details and construction steps on additional terrain items used on the boards such as roads, trees and power poles. These are designed to be removeable and to fit onto the board where desired.

Basing your 6mm buildings

This is a step by step guide on basing your buildings. This is an older article but I have left it here until I create a newer version.

Constructing a 6mm Highway/Autobahn

Step by step pictures and information on an Autobahn/Highway for modern era wargames.

My Greek Odyssey

A small project to create a Greek town in 6mm. This was a fun project to use some Irregular buildings which I had lying around for a few years.

Terrain Construction Ideas

A new page with suggestions and step by steps guides to making simple 6mm terrain pieces. This will be the beginning of some similar terrain articles to help out other 6mm gamers.

Scratch building a Mig31 Firefox in 1/300th scale

This three part article was a 3 year project to scatchbuild a firefox in 1/300th. Click on Part Two and Part Three for the rest of the article.

Reviews and comparsions

Samtrees Cars

A review of 1/300th civilian cars useful for late 20th century games.

1/300th Terrain

Another random assortment of small terrain items out there to help make you bases and table look better.

A gallery of aircraft stores available.

An article which will hopefully be useful for adding some armament to you aircraft to make them look more realistic.

Samtrees Trees.

A selection of brass etched, twisted wire and plastic trees from this supplier in Hong Kong. Some fantastic model trees and a huge selection available.

1/300th Wagons and Carts

A reivew of Wagons and Carts from the different 6mm manufacturers

1/300th Civilian vehicles

This section contains an oddball selection of models of civilian vehicles (cars, trucks boats, trains) available for 6mm gamers.

More 1/300th Civilian vehicles.

This section more civilian cars and conversions. This includes car and bus models from Armstong models and some truck conversions.

1/300th Plastic Architectural vehicles.

These are cheap models which I purchased off ebay and painted up