6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Soviet Gallery

Tanks and AT Vehicles

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Great detail and shape from GHQ. I also have the later version which has a few more bit and pieces on the turret.

Heroics and Ros T-10 Heavy Tank

A bit of a average model from H&R and it looks a bit small next to my GHQ tanks. The shape looks alright but it is let down by average detailing and size.


A very nice model from GHQ and when I saw the picture on their website, I had to have some.

Scotia T-64BV

A good model from Scotia which shows the angled reactive armour very well. Unfortunately the casting around the road wheels is a bit rough.


This is an early production version without smoke dischargers and come with the spring loaded plates on the hull. I also have some GHQ models and they are quite different.

Scotia IT-130

Another good mode lfrom Scotia which is handy because no one else makes these. However I believe the IT-130 never made it into service (unlike the IT-122 version which saw limited service).

GHQ BRDM1 vehicle

This model is armed with AT1 Swatter missiles. GHQ has 5 in a pack with a mix of AT-1 and AT-3 missiles (see below).

GHQ BRDM1 vehicle

This version is armed with AT3 Sagger missiles.