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21st September 2014

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Gaming Resources section

Resources for "Scramble" air combat rules

Some house rules and extras for Scramble air combat rules, by A&A Games

C21 Airwar Scenarios

How many people were inspired by movies such as Topgun or Firefox? Well now's your chance to re-enact these Hollywood movies using the C21 rules, by Wessex Games.

WW2 Malta Air Campaign

This is a campaign we have started playing based on the actions during WW2. Here you will find some campaign rules and information.

Tolkien Scenarios and campaigns

This includes scenarios and army lists for some of the 3rd age battles including Pelennor Fields and The Battle of Five armies. There is also lists and scenarios for the battles from the First Age, based on information from the Simarillion.

These are all for Fantasy Rules 2 and 3 by Chipco

Airwar 1918 Scenarios

These are some draft scenario ideas I wrote a while ago when I brought Airwar:1918. I haven't playtested them yet so if you do, let me know how they go.

They should be easy enough to adapt to other rulesets and are not based on any particular historical action, but should help to provide some fun games.