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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Vehicle and figure reviews section


I wanted to add this section as I've found a lot of manufacturers don't photo a lot of their models and you can end up with some real duds. Scotia, Irregular and Heroics and Ros dont have many photos on their sites and the ones they have are generally poor quality.

I will try to add painted versions soon, to show what they look like painted up.

Updated May 2014 This area is being restructured as my collection of ciivlian vehicles grows. It will be split into pages for diferent types of vehicles and their uses (civilian, quasi military, speciality vehicles). Also the pages will be split into different eras such as , pre automobile days, up to the end of WW2 and Post WW2 and Scifi. Hopefully this will help make it easier when looking for a particular kind of vehicle from a particular era.

6mm Wargaming

1/300th Civilian vehicles

This section contains an oddball selection of models of civilian vehicles (cars, trucks boats, trains) available for 6mm gamers.

More 1/300th Civilian vehicles.

This section more civilian cars and conversions. This includes car and bus models from Armstong models and some truck conversions.

1/300th Plastic Architectural vehicles.

These are cheap models which I purchased off ebay and painted up.

1/300th Wagons and Carts - NEW

A reivew of Wagons and Carts from the different 6mm manufacturers

Samtrees Cars

A review of 1/300th civilian cars useful for late 20th century games.

1/300th Terrain

Another random assortment of small terrain items out there to help make you bases and table look better.

Samtrees Trees.

A selection of brass etched, twisted wire and plastic trees from this supplier in Hong Kong. Some fantastic model trees and a huge selection available.