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21st September 2014

Battle Reports

Modern land battle reports

These reports are mainly a collection of pictures from some modern (post ww2) games I've played recently. The games played used the WRG 1950-2000 rules which are very good to play with, but somewhat difficult to read and understand.

NEW - Sabre Squadron cold war game

This was a typical encounter game between Soviet Motor Rifle forces and a British Armoured squadron.

Click the following link to view the after action report.

Sabre Squadron game and review

This was about our fourth game using these rules so this report is a combination Battle report and review. The game was between South Africans and Soviets and was an Attack Defence game.

Click the following link to view the after action report and review.

Battlecry 2014 Microarmour tournament

Another tournament was run again in the beginning of 2014. The format was more relaxed and there was some efforts to modify the WRG rules and improve on them. The report this time is more of a gallery with limited comments or turn by turn action. Because we were play testing no one was really keeping track of the score or of the progress during the games including myself.

Click the following link to view the 2014 after action report.

Battlecry 2013 Microarmour tournament

This year we ran another WRG Moderns competition, this time with a cutoff year of 1985 but open to all nations. Another change was the reduction of points from 35000pts to 3000pts (10500pts to 9000pts in an Encounter game). The reason for this was that hopefully smaller armies would mean more chance of the games coming to a conclusion and generally that worked well. There were 8 players over 4 tables with 14 games played over the weekend.

Click the following link to view the 2013 after action report.

Page two of the report is located here

Battlecry 2012 Cold War microarmour tournament

Another Cold War themed tournament with 10 players held in Feburary 2012. This time we had a NATO vs WARPAC theme and all the games were NATO vs WAPAC with 5 players on each side. Due to a couple of last minute dropouts the Swedes joined with WARPAC forces to make the numbers even. Unlike the 2011 I managed to capture a lot more photos and so did other people which meant we have a lot of pictures for this report.

Click the following link to view the 2012 after action report.

Battlecry 2011 Cold War microarmour tournament

An 8 player tournament using armies of the cold war period (up to 1979). This was a 2 day tournament and this AAR shows some of the figures and terrain in use. Unfortunately a lot of the photos didnt come out very well so it is a mixed bag of images!

Click the following link to view the After action report.

Battlecry 2008 Cold War microarmour game

A multi player microarmour game based on a fictional cold war battle in 1985. The forces consisted of Britsh and US forces vs East Germans and Soviets and the forces vehicles were a mix of GHQ, CNC, Navwar and Scotia.

Click the following link to view the battle report and part 2 of the report.

Napoleonic battle reports

Waterloo battle report

A 200th anniversary battle report from a large refight of this famous battle. This was large club project fought at my local club (The Auckland Wargames club) and we used the Grand Armee rules.

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Fast Play Grand Armee game

One of our first games of Fast Play Grand Armee, with French vs Austrians in a non historical scenario.

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Larger Fast Play Grand Armee game

A larger game of Fast Play Grand Armee, with French vs Austrians and some newly painted Prussians in another non historical scenario.

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Scramble WW2 Airwar reports

Gaming reports from some Scramble games we have played over the years. This is our groups favourite set of WW2 air rules and they have a good balance between palyability and techincal details. We find early and mid war games better as the defense fatcors on late war aircraft are much higher in the rules, and therefore harder to hit.

WW2 Malta Air Campaign

These are a series of games based on our campaign rules that we use. All the games that we are playing are from the early days of the Malta campaign (1940 -41) between the British and Italians. Hopefully one one we will resume this campaign as it has always been very good games.

  • Game One of our Campaign. A simple fighter on fighter game with the RAF and Fleet Air Arm vs the Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica.

  • Game Two of our Campaign. A naval attack by the FAA on a merchant ship, defended by Italian fighters.