6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Modern Russian Gallery


These models have been sitting in my collection for a number of years and I finally decided to paint them up. Since I will use them off table (or perhaps as an objective) I decided to put them on larger bases and create a small diorama for each battery. I doubt these will get much use on the table but I think they look pretty cool and were fun to make.

The crew are all from the H&R Modern Soviet Paratroopers set as they have the right uniforms and headgear for the crew. The vehicles numbers are from i-94 Enterprises and the stars are from i-94 or Doms Decals. The bases are all large Flames of War base and are 50x65mm in size, which gives you an idea of the size of the models.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Heroics and Ros Frog 7 Battery

This is where the madness began I had some spare Frog7 models and I saw some pictures of Frog7s being reloaded and thought that would be cool. So I converted one of the Frogs to a transporter by removing the crane off the back, filling in the hole for the launcher, adding a new back piece and missile supports from wire. Then I chopped a couple of missiles from spare launchers and cleaned them up. Finally I filed off the stabilisers off the sides and back of the vehicle.

Heroics and Ros Frog 7 Battery continued

The launcher vehicle was similar with the crane, stabilisers and missile on the rail removed. A new crane was made from brass (originally from plastic but it was too weak) and a thin piece of wire added underneath the crane. Then I drilled a hole in the missile and threaded the wire through and built up the arm/claw out of scrap plastic. The crane was attached to the vehicle at an angle and the stabilsers from the CNC Sabre model were glued on (for some reason there was only 3 stabilsers in the CNC model so I had to make the 4th one). Quite a lot of work but the results are worth it I think.

GHQ SS21 Scarab Battery

A nice model from GHQ but they aren't cheap as you only get 3 in a pack (somehow I only got 2 off a mate). You could convert one to an ammo carrier by putting a tarpaulin over the missile section but instead I added a couple of support vehicles. The truck is a Scotia GAZ66 Comms truck (with aerials added) and a GHQ MTLB towing a WW2 jeep trailer. The bases are designed to fit together so that it looks like the are on the same dirt road.

SS21 Scarab Battery continued

Some more photos of this battery

Skytrex Scud Battery

Quite a good model from Skytrex apart from the massive mold line running right through the middle on each side.! Also the wheels are quite basic but I wasn't going to splash out on the GHQ version of this model since you only get 1 in a pack. The truck is a Scotia Zil157 and the trailer is actually a spare ZPU23-2 trailer with a piece from a HO scale telegraph pole stuck on it to look like some sort of tanker trailer. The other large trailer (which isn't in all the photos and excuse the blob of glue on the side of it) on the road is a resin model from a Mainly Military Scenics Airfield set which I removed from the base and added new wheels, and the fence is Timecast.

Scud Battery continued

CNC SS20 Sabre launcher

An absolutely amazing model from CNC! I assembled it in the travelling postion rather than the firing position. I also thought about making a sliding roof garage for it to go in as a lot of them seemed to have fixed positions and were kept sheltered in sheds. The Gaz jeep and crew are from H&R and the tree is an old homemade one. As you can see I went pretty overboard with the weathering and chipping on this model but it looks very good finished.