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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Soviet Gallery

Miscellanous vehicles Gallery

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GHQ ZSU-57-2 SPAA vehicle

This is a nice crisp casting but its pretty bland. I added the crew which are CnC US figures cut off at the waist.

Heroics and Ros SA-8 Gecko

A big model from H&R and this and it is nicely made

GHQ ZSU-23-4 Shilka

A great model from GHQ with a lot of detail.

GHQ SA-13 Gopher

Another very good model from GHQ of the SA-13 that uses the MTLB chassis.

Skytrex PTS Ferry

Quite a good model from Skytrex and considerably better value than the GHQ version (although that is a fine model).

CNC Small Fred radar vehicle

This model is awesome and towers over any other vehicle in my army. Stunning!

Scotia Gaz-66 Radio Truck

A very good model of this radio version of the GAZ-66 truck

Scotia Zil-131 Heavy Truck

Another great truck from Scotia who has a very extensive range of Soviet trucks and other vehicles.

Scotia Lebed Hovercraft

A huge model from Scotia and very well made. You can see the size of it compared to a GHQ BTR-80.