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21st September 2014

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Scifi page


A new section on this site covering my Sci fi forces. This section will eventually consist of some scifi buildings and some of my armies and battles reports. In the future I will add more articles on terrain making, forces and battle reports as I expand more into this area.

This is quite a new period for me so I don't know where this section will end up but I like the fact that it is more unconstrained than historical games. I hope to create armies and terrain that is very different to historical forces and hopefully it will come through in the pages in this section. Hopefully more terrain articles soon (I enjoy making terrain more than painting) and then battle reports as I try out different rules such as Dirtside, Future War commander, Strike Legion and maybe even Iron Cow.

Scifi Settlement - Construction

A scratchbuilt Scifi settlement made from a variety of house bits and pieces. This page shows the design, construction and painting of the settlement.

Brigade Models PacFed army

This my Brigade Model Pacific Federation army. They are great models and I like the style of these scifi models (and some of Brigades other ranges). They presented a few challenges for me to paint because of the smooth and clean smooth surfaces.

Dirtside 2 game report - NEW

An after action report of a game of Dirtside with Pacfed forces vs GZG.

Completed Scifi Settlement

A gallery page showing the finished buildings. Really just a gallery of the finished models with the all comments in the Construction page.

Other Scifi Structures and terrain

Some additional Settlers buildings, Natural terrain and Ancient Alien ruins inspired by lots of different sources including Dr Suess!