6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Fantasy page


I use mostly 6mm figures from Irregular with a few from larger scales for some of the creatures. I get all of my figures from Eureka Miniatures in Australia and they provide very helpful and quick service. I have also brought some Elves and Goblins Baccus and are very impressed with the quality.

I find the Irregular figures paint up a lot better than they look and the fantasy range is one of Irregular's better 6mm ranges, with some of the characters superb. One of the good things about 6mm is that a lot of the figures can be used for other races. For example: I use Wood Elf figures as Human rangers and Human knights as Elvish knights.

I chose this scale because its cheap and because I like the mass effect of the scale. I found most of the larger scale games end up looking like skirmish games rather than a mass battle. The scale also allowed me to build good sized armies at a fraction of the cost of other scales.

The rules I use are Fantasy Rules! 3 by Chipco which are fantastic and highly recommended. The basing has the same frontage as 15mm DBM so anyone with 6mm DBM armies can use them without too much difficulty.

Note the figures in the galleries on this page are currently being revised so some may disappear, while the pages get updated to the new format and the figures repainted

Undead Army

This gallery contains pictures of Irregulars 6mm Undead range. They are a very nice range of figures with good detailing and styling. This is the first fantasy army I have recently reworked with new basing and painting techniques.

Lord of the Rings - Good Alliance

Men of the Western Alliance and some of their allies. This page still needs a lot of work to complete and probably won't be until 2015.

High Elves - COMING SOON

High Elf army made up of a mix of Irregular and Baccus figures. A very nice range from both companies.

Wood Elves - NEW

This Wood Elf gallery has been updated with newly painted figures from Irregular. I hope to add some of the wonderful figures from MicroWorld soon.

Evil Knight army

A new gallery containing pictures of Irregulars 6mm Evil Knights along with some figures from their other ranges. The Evil Knights are lovely figures but quite a small range so I have supplemented them with other Mediaeval and fantasy figures. This has been revised with new painting and basing and I have changed the colours a quite lot.

Lord of the Rings - Forces of Mordor

Saurons forces and some of their allies. A lot needs to be added here.

Creatures and Monsters - NEW

A gallery of figures suitable for larger 6mm fantasy creatures. Not all are 6mm scale.