6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Napoleonic Section


This section contains some photos of my Napoleonic figures and eventually will contain some more content such as Battle reports and period specific terrain and ideas.
The majority of the figure I use are from Baccus because of the good range of figures and the high quality. The figures are based for Grand Armee using full size bases (75mmx75mm) which gives us a lot basing options for 6mm figures. The visual effect is one of the main reasons that swayed us to 6mm. Each of my infantry bases have approximately 60 infantry or 24 Cavalry per base. Each infantry base usually has 2 units, each with 3 ranks of 10 men and the cavalry have 2 units each with 3 ranks of 4 troopers.

6mm Wargaming

Austrian army of the Napoleonic period

A gallery of my Austrians from the 1809 period.

1815 Dutch-Belgian allies

A small army project in time for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and the Hundred Days campaign. This covers the Dutch, Belgian and Nassau forces.

Waterloo battle report

A 200th anniversary battle report from a large refight of this famous battle. This was large club project fought at my local club (The Auckland Wargames club) and we used the Grand Armee rules.

Fast Play Grand Armee game

One of our first games of Fast Play Grand Armee, with French vs Austrians in a non historical scenario.

Larger FPGA game

A larger game of Fast Play Grand Armee, with French vs Austrians and some newly painted Prussians in another non historical scenario.