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21st September 2014

Air gaming Section


These pages display some of the photos from my collection that I use for air combat games. We use rules by Wessex games and A&A Games (see the links on the right of this page) and play various WW2 and Modern eras. At the moment I only have some pictures of the models I own, which I get from either Collectair (Scotia), Navwar or a few from GHQ. Hopefully I'll add to this soon, with some articles and more guides to scratch building and converting planes.

Some of the photos have been modified in Photoshop to remove the flight stands and unfortunately its a bit obvious in some of the photos. The buildings are Irregular, Timecast, Scratch built and from Military Miniatures in NZ who are no longer are in business. The trees are a mix of Woodland Scenics and K&M.

The Decals and numbers on the aircraft are either from I-94 or hand-painted.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image. Note these are about 4 times large than real so it isn't very flattering!


Scratch building a Mig31 Firefox in 1/300th scale

This three part article was a 3 year project to scatchbuild a firefox in 1/300th. The reason it took so long was that my interest waned and the project was put on hold for a couple of years.

Making burning markers for aircraft and vehicles - UPDATED

Aircraft Markers to help with your games. Click here to go to the article.

A gallery of aircraft stores available.

An article which will hopefully be useful for adding some armament to you aircraft to make them look more realistic.

WW2 British aircraft - NEW

Pictures of my France 1940 British forces along with some European threatre 44-45 British.

1930s Sino-Japanese

Pictures of pre WW2 Chinese Nationalist and Japanese aircraft from this lesser known war.

WW2 Italian

Regia Aeronautica aircraft from the 1939-43 period.

WW2 German

Lots of pictures of late war jets and Nightfighters along with a few experimental aircraft.

More WW2 Aircraft

This contains photos of my Early war Polish, Finnish and Flying Tigers aircraft.

Modern Soviet

Photos of my Soviet Aircraft in 1/300th. These are mainly cold war aircraft and I started the collecting them as support for my 1/300th Soviet armies. I then got interested in some of the more obscure aircraft in service and ended up with planes like the Yak28 and Tu128.

Modern Falklands

The Falklands gallery contains photos of some Argentinan planes used during the 1982 war. We became interested in this period after playing C21 and they have been used many times the bomb British warships (unsuccessfully).

WW1 German

Photos of mid to late war german aircraft including a monster Zeppelin in 1/720th.

Modern Korea and Vietnam

A gallery containing pictures from both these conflicts. At the moment there are pictures of Mig 15s, 17s and 19s with more to follow