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21st September 2014

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APC and Light vehicle Gallery

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Scotia BMP-1 IFV

Good model from Scotiaand very well detailed and it comes with a separate turret. You can also buy a version from Scotia with additional armour, which is nice.


Not one of their best models from GHQ but still good. The detailing is quite shallow and it can be hard to pick out when painting the model.

Scotia BTR-60PA APC

A very nice model from Scotia and it compares very favourably to the GHQ version.


One of the best models I've seen from GHQ and it comes with a separate turret (great for losing in your carpet). Beautiful!

Scotia BTR-60PU

Another nice variant of this APC. It comes with an aerial but I replaced it with one made from wire as the casting of the aerial was poor.

Scotia BMP-1R Recce

Recce version with a bigger turret and different hull layout. Again a good model model from Scotia and they cover all the variants well.

GHQ BRDM-2 Scout Car

A nice model but like the BTR50, the details are hard to pick out. The turret is fixed on which is a shame.

GHQ BRDM-2 Command car

Very similar to the BRDM2 with the details are hard to pick out. There is no turret but instead there is a rectangle block.

Scotia BRDM-2 Scout Car

Not much of a difference between this and the GHQ one in terms of detail, but this model noticeably smaller.


Nice casting from GHQ and it is a good representation of the MTLB