6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Modern French Gallery


These are mostly by Heroics and Ros except where noted. I find the H&R French range one of their better ranges and that was one of the reasons for building this army. The artillery is based for WRG 1950-2000 rules and is used to represent off board batteries.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

GHQ LeClercs

Very nice models and captures the shape much better than the Scotia or H&R versions I've seen.


This is the remastered version and is much better than the old model.


This model has some very nice details but it is hard to see with this paint scheme. Exactly the same size as the Heroics and Ros version.

Heroics and Ros AMX10P

There is not a lot of difference in terms of detials between this and the GHQ version unless you look very closely. The biggest difference is the roadwheels and the GHQ is much more accurate in that respect.

Heroics and Ros VAB APCs

Another good H&R model, although the GHQ version is tempting but much more expensive.

Heroics and Ros VAB with HOT

This is a conversion of the standard VAB APC. The HOT launchers were scratch built to look like the newer Mephisto version of the launcher. I also added some Plasticard shapes to make it look like extra storage boxes on the hull.

Scotia Panhard VBL

Recce vehicles with MG. A great model from Scotia which captures the VBL very well.

Scotia 120mm mortar

French style mortar by Scotia.


This is made from a H&R AMX30 hull with a DCA turret from Scotia. I used the H&R hull because I didn't like the Scotia version as it a very poor model.

Heroics and Ros GCT155mm SP Gun

This self propelled gun is based on the AMX30 hull and is a very good model. I used the same hull for my AMX30 SPAA vehicles (see above).

Heroics and Ros MLRS Artillery

A pretty good model from Heroics and Ros and it certainly looks right.