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21st September 2014

6mm Links page


These are a collection of most of the links I have scattered throughtout my site. If you know of any other 6mm websites or want me to add yours, email me.

Websites devoted to the one true scale. These were the inspiration for me setting up this site.

  • 6mm Phils Blog
    An awesome blog and a fellow 6mm gamer with very nice terrain and painting. He has gone onto other things so you will need to search the archives.

  • Max's 6mm blog
    "Maksim-Smelchak's blog to discuss gaming, miniatures, books, movies, Israel, Judaism and life in general". Crikey, what else can I can say!

  • McPherson and Revenge
    An amazing blog on all things ACW and the use of 6mm figures for this period.

  • SteelonSandBlog
    A blog with some rather eclectic 6mm subjects.

  • The rather large Towton project
    An amazing blog on all things ACW and the use of 6mm figures for this period.

  • Adler
    Amazing details on these figures but they suffer from having heads that are slightly too big.

  • Angel Barracks
    A company specialising in 6mm who make their own ranges of sci-fi figures and very nice terrain.

  • Armaments in Miniature
    An interesting selection of 1/300th aircraft.

  • Armstrong Models
    A small but eclectic range of well sculpted vehicles. If you haven't heard of it, then they probably make it! Now owned by Heroics and Ros.

  • Baccus Miniatures
    A very good quality range of 6mm pre 20th century and fantasy figures

  • CinC
    Some of the best 6mm microarmour and aircraft out there and better value than GHQ

  • GHQ
    Some of the best 6mm microarmour and aircraft out there

  • Heroics and Ros (formerly Navwar, formerly Heroics and Ros!)
    A huge range of vehicles and infantry from all eras. Very good value and a good compromise between quality and value. They also now own Armstrong Models and Skytrex.

  • Irregular Miniatures
    Huge range of figures but very hit and miss quality. Shocking 6mm vehicles!

  • Kremlin Miniatures
    Sci fi figures and 6mm viking longships (with separate crews)!

  • Mainforce miniatures
    My prefered choice of 6mm WW2 and modern figure. They are all prone and easy to paint! Also available here http://www.magistermilitum.com/

  • MAJIC Miniatures
    A new manufacturer of 6mm aircraft and UFOs for Roswell!The figures looks good in the photos and its a pretty cool concept.

  • Microworld Games
    New manufacturer of 6mm fantasy and Sci fi figures. These figures look fantastic quality and have lots of character. Top quality stuff!

  • Perfect Six Scenic's and Minatures
    A growing range of scenic acessories and figures for 6mm afficandoes. A lot of must have items!

  • Raiden Miniatures (now owned by i-94 Enterprises)
    Lovely quality aircraft and stands. Highly recommended for aircraft. The old site is located here "

  • Rapier Miniatures
    Very nice quality 6mm Ancients and ACW figures.

  • Rod Langton Miniatures
    Amazing 6mm Napoleonic ships and smaller boats. Also some forts towers for 1/300th.

  • Scotia
    A large range or microarmour and aircraft. Their aircaft are some of my favourites.

  • Steel Crown Productions
    A range of Sci fi vehicles and infantry. From the pictures they look very good quality.

  • SDD
    A small range of aircraft but very nice and with good pricing. The models are a bit smaller than some of the other brands so they don't always mix well.

  • Skyraider
    A range of aircraft and aircraft accessories such as missiles etc. They make a number of aircraft that no one else makes but the quality of their aircraft is average. (Appears to be offline now)

  • War Artisan's Workshop
    1:300 Scale Cardstock Model Ships. Not a period that i'm interested in, but these model ships are amazing. Well worth looking at.

Note that a lot of the 6mm manufacturers listed above make terrain and terrain accessories as well so I won't repeat them all again.

  • Baccus Miniatures
    A good and growing range of buildings and terrain.

  • The Baggage Train
    A supply of some very nice scenic items including a massive Arnhem bridge model.

  • BattletechTerrain.com
    A newish company specialising in terrain for Battletech but useful for other 6mm gaming.

  • Burned in Designs
    6mm buildings for Sci-fi gaming but a lot of these are suitable for Cold war and Modern games. Made from MDF (hence the name).

  • Coyote Miniatures
    I believe this is the old Baccus range of 6mm buildings which they passed onto Coyote.

  • Empires at War
    MDF city block style buildings which are useful for Cold war and Modern games.

  • Gamecraft Miniatures
    A very good and now large range of 1/285th scale buildings,accessories and figures. They are CAD designed and very crisp castings.

  • GHQ
    Very nice buildings for those with deep pockets.

  • Hovels
    They have a large and interesting range of good quality buildings.

  • i-94 Enterprises
    Prevously a maker of nice decals and supplier of 1/300th aircraft and accessories. Now they have brought the rest of the old Leva range from Nafizger. The also now own the superb Vac U Cast range of buildings and railway accessories and they have their own range of scenery.

  • Irregular Miniatures
    Lots of interesting buildings, settlements and scenic accessories. The Scenic accesories are very nice but the building usually require a bit of work to clean up.

  • JR Miniatures
    Huge range of all kinds of buildings. The few I have seen the quality is average but they are cheap.

  • Legionivshire
    Part of the old Leva range of models and nice looking models.

  • Leven Miniatures
    A great range with some interesting scenic items that is growing all the time.

  • McGijo Models
    An Italian company with some absolutely stunning looking Italian buildings.

  • Mainly Military Scenics
    These are sold/owned by Chiltern and they have some very interesting stuff.

  • Miniature World Maker
    An innovative range of rubber terrain pieces that are pre painted. Average quality but you dont have to worry about them breaking when you drop them!

  • Mura Miniatures
    A new company specialising in Japanese buildings

  • Najewitz Modellbaushop
    Some very cool WW2 and Cold war buildings and new resin buildings. The ones I ordered are made from cardboard and appear to be laser cut.

  • Novus Design Studio
    This looks like a venture by the original owners of JR Miniatures. Some large Industrial buildings so far.

  • Old Crow
    Some cool looking sci fi buildings and vehicles, some of which are suitable for post WW2.

  • Old Dominion Gameworks
    I havent seen these "in the flesh" but they look pretty good from the pictures. They also sell a range of highway terrain pieces.

  • Paper Terrain
    A large range of papaer(card) scenery, buildings and other bits, in lots of scale including 6mm.

  • Resina Planet
    A Spanish company producing a small but interesting range of 6mm buildings.

  • Roman Seas
    An interesting range of 6mm Roman buildings and ships all from paper.

  • Second City
    A very cheap range on 6mm buildings and terrain squares. I dont know anything about these but they look well priced and the tiles look interesting. However I couldn't get any of the images to open on my PC.

  • Simply 6
    A new range of 6mm buildings and defences and growing fast. Formerly SPC Wargames Creations. Seems to be defunct now

  • Tiny Tin Troops
    Medieval and Renaissance Range of card buildings.

  • Total Battle miniatures
    A newish company with a nice range of European and American buildings in 6mm. The also have some very nice village bases where you can have removeable buildings.

  • Wargamer (Poland)
    A range of 6mm buildings which look like some of the old Leva range and a few new models. A great range of bunkers and other emplacements.

  • Timecast models
    These are some of the best buildings I have seen in this scale. Beautiful models with awesome details and highly reccommended.

Some other wargaming related sites for the discerning browser.

  • Auckland Wargaming club
    My local wargaming club in Auckland, NZ.

  • Lead Adventure forum
    One of the best and nicest wargaming forums on the web

  • The Miniatures Page
    One the best wargaming sites without a doubt. Lots of useful news and information from the world of wargaming. A good source of information from other gamers although you make get a bunch of not so useful opinions!

  • Wargaming info
    A site run by a friend John, and they also host my site. Lots of pictures and info of different scales periods.