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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Wood Elf Gallery


Wood Elves range from Irregular could best be described as a bit of a mixed bag. There are some nice figures and some average ones. They capture well the essence of Wood elves but some of the sculpting is lacking with some poor detailing.

The Wood Elves are slightly taller than the human figures but could easily be used to represent humans. They were painted in quite bright colours to make them stand out, but they should have more green and brown colours, especially if you want to use them for LoTR or copy GW Wood styling.

They are all based for Fantasy rules although the Characters are mounted on coins for practical reasons. The unit bases are 40x40mm and 40x20mm (2 bases make a 40x40mm unit) and the coins are old NZ 2c coins.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Wood Elf Heros

These are a mix of Wood Elf Champions and a Wood Elf Light Chariot with the front 2 horses removed. Some of the better models in the Wood Elf range.

Wood Elf Heavy Cavalry

Average figures in my opinion with a mix of lance and bow and wearing cloaks, which hide a lot of details but it makes them easy to paint!

Wood Elf Light Cavalry

These are a mix of Wood Elf Cavalry and Amazon female cavalry which I had a few spares. See above for comments on the Wood elf cavalry. The Amazon cavalry are quite nice and well detailed but the hosres moulded together let them down.

Wood Elf Spearmen and Halberdiers

All in the same style as the other Wood elf figures. Some detail is obscured by the cloaks but it also makes them easier to paint. The cloaks are nice and can be easily highlighted.

Wood Elf Spearmen and Halberdiers

Some more spearmen figures. The commands come with the spear packs and are quite nice. They have a commander, musician, wizrd and standard bearer and are hard to separate the strip.

Wood Elf Bow

These are reasonable figures but quite hard to paint the details on the front of the figures (they look better photographed from the back).

Wood Elf Skirmishers

The Skirmishers consist of Wood Elf Bow strips cut up and scattered on the base to create skirmish units. The Bow figures have enough of a gap between each figure to cut the strips quite easily. Unfortunately the pose is all the same (unlike other Irregular figures) and I havent found a suitable range to mix them with for more variation.

Wood Elf Artillery

These are Elvish crew with Ballistas from the Equipment range. Note some of the bases have pack animals and heros on them to add some more flavour and not make them look so empty

Light Chariots

Some of the best models from the Wood Elf range with good detail and animation. They come as a one piece model with the standard , crew and horses cast onto it.