6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Fantasy Undead Gallery


The Irregular Undead is small but good range and they are well suited to drybrushing and highlighting on the cloaks. Even in this scale it is quite easy to tell they are Undead, which is handy. There a new manufacturer now called Microworld Games (see the links page) looks like it will mix together well, but I am yet to buy any.

They are all based for Fantasy Rules! 2 and 3 although the Characters are mounted on coins to make them stand out and to give them a bit of weight. The unit bases are 40x40mm and 40x20mm (2 bases make a 40x40mm unit) and the coins are old NZ 2c coins which are about 20mm in diameter.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image. Note these are about 4 times large than real so it isn't very flattering!


This figure is from the creatures range and can also be used as a good Nazgul or Wraith figure. Overall a nicely sculpted figure and a very good pose.

Undead Heroes

These are a mix from the heroes pack and are well detailed. The full length barding and robes are quite easy to paint and look very effective with simple highlights.

Necromancer and disciples

The Necromancer is from the Wizard pack and the disciples from the Mediaeval posh pack and they are great poses. The stone base was made from modelling clay and putty.

Undead Cavalry

These look like your typical undead cavalry and are quite good figures. I also used the odd Ethereal figure and a few from the command pack to give some variety to the bases. I painted all the horses light grey to make them appear more "ghost like".

Skeleton foot

These figures contain a good variety of weaponry, clothing and flags with each strip. I like the fact that you can also clearly see the bones on these guys. I originally labelled these as hand weapons but quite a few of them have spears, scythes and other pole arms.

Bow Skirmishers

These are bow strips cut up and scattered on the base. They are well detailed and the bones are easy to pick out when painting them.

Skeleton Bow

Skeleton bows in close order. I chopped them off the strips to give them a more "irregular" appearance.

More Undead foot

More on the lovely undead foot and command strips. The banners and command figures are also very good and nicely detailed.


More on the lovely undead foot and command strips. The banners and command figures are also very good and nicely detailed.

Undead Artillery

The crew are Undead hand gunners and the Ballista is from the Wood Elf range. The Ballista seems to suit the Undead more and I tried to paint it to look like bone.