6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Austrian army of the Napoleonic wars


The army roughly based on some of the Austrian army that fought at Wagram and also Aspern-Essling. I orginally based it for Fast Play Grand Armee but we are now plying the full version, so I may need to reorgnaise some of the units and bases.

6mm Wargaming

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Army Command Stand

I used a number of different figures to create this base including some tables from Baccus and some figures from Irregulars "posh pack". The main tent and flag pole was from Irregular. I forgot to paint the flag before I photographed this as I was in a rush to get it on the table.

Corp Commander

This base has some Baccus Generals along with some Irregular French cassions and casualty figures from Irregular to add a bit of a diorama look to the base.

Austrian Infantry brigade

One of my standard infantry briagdes bases for FPGA. The whites uniforms are good in 6mm scale as they shown up easily on the table. There are 60 figures on the base in two units with 2-3 generals and aides.

More Austrian Infantry

Another picture showing the great detail and poses of the figures. This is an alternative basing where I created 3 units each with 20 figures (mainly because I had some extra command strips I need to use up) but I like how it came out.

Hungarian Infantry brigade

Nicely detailed figures and the Hungarians are a bit more distinctive with their blue trousers and shakos.

Austrian Combined Grenadiers

As these formations were created from various line units, I painted the strips with different coloured facings to match their parent units. I'm not sure how accurate this is but it looks good. I based this on a couple images in an Osprey book that showed grenadiers with different facings fighting together fighting around the Grainery at Aspern Essling.

Mixed brigade

During my research into this army, I found the Austrians used Advance Guard brigades in their armies. These were often made up of a mix of line infantry along with light troops and a regiment of light cavalry. FPGA allows you to field units like these as mixed brigades and they are pretty useful on the table.

Light Cavalry brigade

More nice figures from Baccus. This Light Cavalry base only contains Hussars but normally there would be a mix of different cavalry such as Hussars and Chexaulegers.

Heavy Cavalry brigade

This base has two regiments on Curassiers and some commander figures. There's very little difference between these and the dragoons at this scale, apart from the black armoured breastplate.

Austrian Artillery

These are very good models of the Austrian artillery and limbers. I based 2 guns and 8 crew to each base along with limbers and a general, all on half size bases (37.5mm wide x 75mm deep).

Another Corps Commander

This base depicts a number of generals advancing along a road. The escort was made up of some spare Hussar officers and std bearers, and the fences are brass etched.

Austrian Cassions

For some variety on the artillery bases, I used a pack of cassions instead of limbers and added a couple of spare generals on to the bases.

Irregular generals and Tents

I used about 3 different Irregular stands of Generals along with a couple of figures from their Posh pack. They look fine size wise, on the base if you don't try to mix Baccus figures on the same base. The Irregular general packs are usually good and contain some interesting poses/mini dioramas. The casting can be a bit indifferent.

Infantry base with an Ambulance

This was another base of infantry for the army. The Ambulance was a model from Irregular lying around so I decided to use it on one of my infantry bases. I doubt they were this close to the action but it makes a good diorama.