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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Napoleonics game


This was about our 4th game of Fast Play Grand Armee. We had a new player who had just finished painting some units as part of a Prussian army. The combined the Austrian and Prussian armies totalled 45 stands and the French had 38 stands including artillery. The Austrians and Prussians were split into 5 corps and the French had 4 corps.

The game itself went pretty quickly considering the size and it was very enjoyable. The Austrian army was loosely based on some of the corps that fought at Wagram and also Aspern-Essling. 6mm Wargaming

Game photos

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image. Note these are about 4 times large than real so it isn't very flattering!

The table

Here the initial starting positions with the French still deploying one of their corps. The mat is from Hotz Arts and is very nice but we had some issues getting the right size for our tables. The rest of the terrain includes buildings are from Irregular and Timecast and the roads and hills scratch built.

Austrian starting positions

The Austrian deployed into 2 Infantry and 2 Cavalry commands. One of the infantry commands had a couple of stands of Grenadiers whilst the other had a Mixed unit of Cavalry and Grenzers and the two Cavalry commands consisted of one each of heavy and light units. Later we realised we had stuff up the organisations and they should be bigger commands.

French starting positions

The French organisation was similar to the Austrians although they had 3 smaller infantry commands and the light Cavalry was parceled out to the infantry commands. The French commander also created a Grand battery in the middle with their armies reserve artillery.

The opening moves

Both sides have advanced with some of the Austrian reserve Cavalry starting the sweep around the French left flank.

On the Austrian left flank the infantry brigade of 6 units is facing off against 2 commands each 4 units and some reserve cavalry.

Mid game

The French command closest to the camera has withdrawn slightly whilst the Austrian left flank have engaged the French. The Austrians caused a number of casualties but their line is completely disorganised.

French attack on the right flank

This photo shows a close up of the French right flank the remnants of the Austrian defense. The French have begun to break through and the Austrians are out numbered, and its just a matter of time.

Austrian attack

The majority of the Austrian army is attacking this flank. However, the attack took longer than hoped to break through. Meanwhile the other flank isn't going so well for the Austrians.

The end of the game

The French right flank has broken the Austrians, while the Austrian attack on the other flank has lost its momentum. Overall it was a very enjoyable game and I need to paint some more Austrians to match the French numbers!