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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Napoleonic Game report continued

Game photos

6mm Wargaming

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image. Note these are about 4 times large than real so it isn't very flattering!

Another shot of the middle game

A different angle of the situation in the center. The fighting between the French and Prussians has disrupted their lines and the French are trying to exploit this with their heavy cavalry (and plug the gap).

Disarray in the middle of the table

After another round of combat between the French and Prussians, their battle lines are a real mess.If your not sure which base is which, the Prussians have the darker basing and the checkboard formations on each base.

The Allied reserve moves up

With the French cavalry moving towards the weakened Prussians we activated the Austrian heavy Cavalry reserve. There was 4 brigades (a mix of Curassiers and Dragoons) and a horse battery. Note the lead unit in the picture isn't fighting anyone, its just right behind a prussian cav brigade!

More combat in the center

The French cavalry have attacked the Prussians the help the French line. The cavalry weren't as effective as they normally are due to some bad dice rolling. We usually find fresh heavy cavalry units very useful for cleaning up weakened units as their high strength points can mop up enemy units pretty quickly (which seems historical).

Austrian reinforcements

The Austrian cavalry have arrived and are now threatening the French, whose cavalry attack wasnt very successful. There are some gaps which opened up with the Prussian infantry chasing after the French infantry.

At this point the French player conceded as his center and left flank were almost gone and the Allied forces were still in good shape.

The Austrian left flank finally does something!

Its the end of the game but the Austrian command finally attacks the French, driving off the remains of the command. By that time the battle was already won for the Allied side.

The French left flank at the end

The French left flank has been weakened and pushed back after the Austrian general finally got his troops into action. The Austrians had some help from the cavalry from the command next to them.

The center at the end of the game

The Prussians are advancing while the Austrian Curiassiers (at the top of the picture) are helping their left flank by cleaning up French stragglers. For a while it look a bit shaky in the middle when the French heavy cavalry arrived, but the Prussians managed to hold off until the cav arrived.

The French right flank at the end

The French right flank has broken the Austrians and was moving to threaten the Austrian/Prussian center. However it was too late as the French center had collapsed.

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