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21st September 2014

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WW2 Italian Aircraft Gallery


This section has a some photos of my WW2 Regia Aeronautica Airforce. The Italians always seem to be the underdogs when it comes to WW2 (and aircraft) but they did make some very interesting designs. Some of these are very different from other nations, and the wide variety of camoflage schemes makes for some very cool looking aircraft.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Raiden Fiat G55 Centauro

A lovely model from Raiden and the casting is very clean. The only reference I could find of these in use before the surrender of the Italians is from the 353rd Squadriglia. I was trying to shade the wings using an airbrush and while the shading came out well, the colour is off and it needs a repaint.

Raiden Re2005 Sagittario

Another beautiful model from Raiden. This is painted in the colours of the 362th Squadriglia which fought briefly on Sicily before the Allied invasion of Italy.

Heroics and Ros SM82 Canguru

A huge and heavy model from Heroics and Ros. The detailing is not great but the shape is good (apart from the crooked wings). But no one else makes these so it is still worth buying. I airbrushed it in the colours of the 608th Squadriglia but then realised the white stripe on the fuselage shouldnt be there.

Scotia Sm81 Pipistrello

The detailing and shape of this model by Scotia are very nice. I couldnt find many pictures of this aircraft so I used a generic Italian colour scheme. I would have like to have finer lines on the camoflage but I was pushing the limits of my airbrush.

H&R Fiat Cr42 Falco

A nice little model from H&R painted in a generic early war camoflage scheme but used to represent the 75th Squadriglia, 23rd Gruppo in Sicily.

Scotia MC.200 Saetta

Widely used fighter during the war and a nice clean model from Scotia. This scheme is from the 90th Squadriglia, 9th Gruppo and quite striking.

Another Scotia MC.200 Saetta

Scotia MC.200 Saetta from the 98th Squadriglia, 7th Gruppo. The same model again but in a much simpler colour scheme. I got this from a photo in the Osprey Italian Aces book which is highly recommended.

Scotia MC.202 Folgore

Scotia MC.202 Folgore from the 84th Squadriglia, 10th Gruppo. This model is painted in the scheme of the Italian Ace Capitano Franco Lucchini, and you can see the different camo scheme of the replacement (right) wing.

Scotia MC.202 Folgore

Scotia MC.202 Folgore from the 97th Squadriglia, 9th Gruppo. A very good model from Scotia and this one is in the scheme of the Ace Sottotenente Jacopo Frigerio. This was one of the first units to use the MC.202 over Malta.

Heroics and Ros Cant Z.506B Airone

Cant Z.506B Airone from the 144th Squadriglia. These aircraft were the largest floatplanes in service and the model is huge. The shape is nice but the model lacks much surface detail and needed a lot of filing, but the end result is great!

Scotia Sm79 Spaverio

Scotia Sm79 Spaverio from the 279th Squadriglia. Widely used torpedo bomber. This is a beautiful model with great detailing. The torpedo is sold separately from Scotia and looks very good attached to the plane.

Heroics and Ros Ro57

This a nice model by H&R of a quite obscure aircraft. It doesnt suffer from the usual thick wings of H&R models and looks pretty cool. I painted it in the typical plain green that a lot of mid war Italian fighter seemed to use. Once I find out more info about these I will add some squadron markings.