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21st September 2014

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Aircraft Stores


I created this page because I found it difficult to find any decent pictures about the aircraft stores that you can buy for 1/300th scale aircraft. I've added some comments on the stores which may or may not be helpful. CNC, Scotia, SDD and Skyraider all make various stores with Skyraider having the biggest range, but they are also the most difficult to order from. Some of the other companies that make stores that I know of are GHQ, CNC and SDD but the ranges are limited. Each GHQ aircraft comes with a very nice selection of stores but their models are very expensive. I believe if you know the sprue number you can order them from GHQ.

If you have any pictures of stores not covered, please email me (along with any info) them to me so I can add them to this page.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image. Note these are about 4 times large than real so it isn't very flattering!

Collectair CABB1 50Kg/100Lb Bomb (x10)

These are pretty small and look more like iron bombs for WW2 rather than Modern.

Collectair CABB2 250/500Lb Bomb (x5)

These are much larger and fatter than the 50kg bombs and would look too big for most fighters.

Collectair CABB3 Medium Drop Tank Two Fins (x5)

A good size for smaller fighters.

Collectair CABB5 Large Drop Tank (x5)

This is much fatter than the medium drop tank and may be too big for some aircraft.

Collectair CABB6 Torpedoes (x5)

I haven't seen the small and large torpedeos from Scotia but these are nice (and I've already used the other 4). They are well suited to the Italian (and German) ones as they have the stabliser on the rear of them.

SDD Modern aircraft stores

There is only a couple of different types in this pack and they all look like drop tanks. Some look like they have fins but it could be part of the flash from the casting.

Homemade Bombs and missiles

They were made from stretched sprue (heated and then stretched) and then the shapes were carved with paper fins. I made them years ago (before the internet) and they still look useable.

GHQ bombs and fuel tanks

These came off some MkII Hurricanes and are excellent quality. Usually you get more than you need in their aircraft packs and end up with some spares. This is good as their models are very expensive!

Heroics and Ros rockets and missiles

While they don't sell aircraft packs at the time this page was written, a number of their aircraft and helicopters come with addon weapons. These particular weapons came off a Soviet Mil24 Hind and the rockets can be used on other ground attack aircraft.

CNC AS-7 and AS-10 missiles

From the Soviet ASM missile pack by CNC. Theres a bit of flash but it comes off very easily and they are great castings.

CNC AS11, AS-12 and AS-14 missiles

The other missiles from the CNC pack. Very crisp castings and some can be adapted to air-to-air missiles.