6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Middle Eastern Moderns Gallery


Part two of this gallery.

6mm Wargaming

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image. Note these are about 4 times large than real so it isn't very flattering!

Large Mosque

This Mosque model from Gamecraft has an extension with extra domes and is huge! I cut up some of their walls and used the arches as the entrance ways. Strips of plasticard were inlaid on the ground between the cardboard to look like tiles. The large sign was made from plasticard with a paper clip as the stand, and the sign its self, was a download from the internet a few years ago.

Another town base

This was the last base I made and these were all the buildings that I had left so I had to make to them fit on the base! The base is meant to be a light commercial area for garages, small businesses and with lots of parking spaces and a walled business area.

Large apartment block

A couple of very tall and nice apartment buildings (the windows took forever to paint) were the main focus of this base, which is meant to look like an exclusive living complex. The curved pavement was from leftovers from a roundabout and the little sign and centre piece were hand made. I added a few trees and garden out the front and left the rest of the base pretty empty, as space was tight and the residents have to park somewhere. I also added a Helicopter landing pad on one of the buildings for something different.

Apartment complex

This apartment base is meant to be a walled complex with its own garden and garage at the back of the base. I should have added some flock to the arches to look like vines. The buildings were deliberately placed at different angles to each other and different materials on base were used for variety.

Downtown area

Another base with a mix of Gamecraft buildings and paved areas in front of and around the buildings. You can see the extra details added to the roofs and backs of the buildings. I also took one of the roofs from the apartment building and mounted it on the front as a walled front yard although it is hard to see in the pictures. The entrance between the two buildings and the other walled piece were offcuts from the Gamecraft walls.

Small Mosque

This mosque model is from Mainly Military and I decided mount it onto a small hill. The walls again are from Gamecraft as are the other of the buildings. The small hill was made from a couple layers of foam board and it was filled using No More Gaps, and then covered with different sized sand and ballast. The steps and paved area are tiled plasticard which I cut into small pieces. I originally intended the hill to be taller but the base size restricted the size of the hill.

Roundabout and roadworks

The lovely roundabout on this base is Gamecraft and I had to try and find a way to incorporate it into the base and still make the roads line up with the other bases. It is a large piece and if I ran roads from each exit there wouldn't be any room for buildings. So I made one road merge into a village and the other into roadworks (need to add some roadworks vehicles). Gamecraft also make some concrete barriers which I used along the side of the road and on the roundabout. I used the same ballpoint pen that I used for the road markings to make a pedestrian crossing in the village.

Chemical plant

Every Middle East dictator needs one of these! The chemical plant is from Mainly Miniatures and the tall fuels tanks are from JR miniatures. The smaller fuels tanks are from a 1/700 port set and I used an exhaust from a 1/72 scale Zil truck as the pipes on the tanks. You can also see in the photos some nuclear and warning symbol decals, which are from i-94 Enterprises. The walls are mostly plasticard as the resin walls were damaged so I replaced them.

Chemical plant and storage tanks

The chemical plant is another one from Mainly Miniatures and the large tank and attached buildings are from JR minatures. The JR models are pretty poor quality and was full of air bubbles, the bases was badly sanded and it lacked definition. I added some plasticard strips around the base of the JR tank and building to hide the uneven base and cover most of the flaws. I also added a walkway between the two bases.

Town base with park

In this base I incorporated a small park into the middle of the buildings. Again it was made from my trusty plasticard and leftover Gamecraft walls. The other walls and the arch ways into the town are also Gamecraft. I added a few bushes from Woodland scenics and a home made sign to complete the base.

Some completed shots

The buildings were given back to the owner in a few batches but I was able to photograph 10 of the bases together. They begin to look like a proper town once they are combined and it suits the big buildings well and you get a better idea of how the roads connect up. The pictures are a bit poor quality as they were taken in bad light but the overall look of the town bases is very good.