6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

A review of 6mm Wagons and Carts


I have slowly been collecting samples of wagons from different manufacturers over the years and now I have created this page to help others who are after wagons for their games. The list of wagons from the manufacturers is not exhaustive but I think it will help to get an idea of the options and how well they compare.

At the moment I have covered the 3 main 6mm manufacturers and a reasonable spread of history covered. As noted in the comments below a lot of the wagons can be used across a lot of wargames periods, and most of the models are pretty generic. The individual pieces of the wagons are also useful as limber and horses can be easily swapped between different wagons, and the crew can be modified or removed. Some of the pieces can be repurposed with the drivers useful as civilians and the animals used for farms and other rural settings.

As I buy more wagons over time I plan to add to this page. If you know if any others to add please contact me.

6mm Wargaming

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Heroics and Ros Napoleonic - MSN7 Ox Carts

These are nice wagons and useful across a wide range of periods. Also the Oxen are well sculpted and I will probably end up using these as cows and the wagons on terrain bases. To enhance the wagons it would be good to add some materials to the wagon (eg sculpt some straw/wheat/supplies using greenstuff).

Heroics and Ros Malburian - MMO2 Wagons

More very useful wagons for a large number of periods. The horse riders on the horses restrict the figures to that period if you want to use the horses, or they can be mixed and matched with other H&R wagon or limber crews.

Heroics and Ros Napoleonic - MBN13 Wagons

More great wagons from H&R. Most of the comments for the Malburian wagons apply to these. The figures are wearing shakos so they are useful for most Napoleonic armies.

Heroics and Ros German WW2 - GR6 Horse Drawn Supply Wagons

Again a good selection of wagons for WW2 (especially considering most of the German army was horse drawn, except wargamers armies!) The separate crew for the wagons is a nice touch. These would make great supply or objective markers.

Heroics and Ros comparison photos

A couple of pictures showing the different wagons from the above ranges. As you can see they are all very compatible both in size and style with each other. With the separate animals and crew it is very easy to mix and match figures from different packs.

Baccus cart

A very good cart from Baccus with well defined details. There was a few casting issues with these (some of the spokes were missing and others filled in, and part of the cart bottom not there) but that doesn't detract from it being an excellent model.

Irregular ES16 2 horse and 4 wheeled wagons

Some nice models which typically for Irregular, don't look very good unpainted. Each product code comes with a number of different models and here I got a solid wheel and a spoked wheel wagon. I prefer the spoked wheel model as it is a nicer model but the wheels on one side are cast better than the other.

Irregular - RU62 Abandoned hay cart

A nice little terrain feature useful for scenery. As it is fixed to the base and doesnt come with any animals so its use are limited.

Irregular XT54 2 wheeled supply wagons

Another couple of nice models from Irregular and typical of the colourful nature of Irregulars models.

Irregular 1 horse and 2 wheeled wagons

See the comments above for these. Nice models with a few castings issues (typical of Irregular) and cleanup required.

Irregular MN4 Napoleonc Ambulance

From their Napoleonic range and very well sculpted. I only have painted versions of this but it is much easier to see the details once it is painted. I painted it in Austrians colours although I dont know if they had ambulances like this.

Irregular 2 horse and 4 Wheeled wagon

I'm not sure which range this is from as the description on the Irregular site can be vague and the pictures are limited. However this is a nice wagon with a bit of clean up required!

Irregular comparison photo

Here is a picture of all the wagons together, showing the wide variety available.

Irregular vs Heroics and Ros

Here are some pictures showing Irregular vs H&R. You can see that the wagons are very similar in size and would work together. However the other picture shows the thick base typical of Irregular and the base of a H&R model would need to be built up to match the thickness, or the Irregular base filed down.

Baccus vs Heroics and Ros

These comparsions show the the size difference between 2 similar style wagons and vs a 4 wheeled H&R wagon. All are nice models but the Baccus model towers over the H&R model. I'm not sure if this is typical of other Baccus wagons.

Irregular vs Heroics and Ros vs Baccus

Next is a comparson of all three brands. While HR are similar in size (not so much in style) to Irregular, Baccus are much larger and wouldn't mix together very well. Baccus and H&R have a similar sculpting style but the size difference is considerable, so I think they would not mix well especially on the same base.

Overall I think that all 3 brands can be used on the same table, but not on the same base. In the future I hope to get some more Baccus wagons and update this review, to provide a more complete comparison.