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21st September 2014

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Brigade Models Pacific Federation Scifi Gallery


This the first Science Fiction army I have completed in 6mm scale. I was attracted to the Brigade models designs initially through the Iron Cow rules (but never played them) and some of the other Brigade ranges. I like the clean and simple designs of these models and the futuristic look as opposed to the WW1/steampunk of a major player. While there is a lot of other great ranges out there, some were not complete or not easily accessable so I went with these.

The colour scheme was about the third attempt to get it right. I used a yellow/brown colour from Gunze and sprayed the models with an airbrush. The yellow part of the vehicles were given a light creamy drybrush and then followed with a thin black/brown wash, but it isn't very noticeable due to the lack of recesses or raised bits on the model. The brown part is a GW colour (Bestial brown I think) and I added metallic highlights with a Vallejo blue metalic colour. The vehicles have thin vertical stripes to denote the arm of service eg infantry, artillery, armour and command.

The vehicles are all based on Flames of War small bases with holes drilled into the model and the base. A metal pin was used to attach the model to the base but sometimes the models pivot on the base and it is a bit weak mounting method. The infantry are on 40x20mm Plasticard bases which seems to be a good stand size for most scifi systems.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Komodo Heavy tank

The largest model from this range and quite impressive looking. The large twin barrels look great.

Cougar MBT

The main tank of the Pacfed forces. A nice model overall

Koala Support vehicle

This vehicle seems to be a heavy weapons platform and comes with a mix of weapons. I brought the model with the twin guns. Nice models but I find the barrels are vulnerable to bending.

Wombat APC

The standard APC model of the PacFed and again a good looking vehicle. I think the gun barrel is a bit thick considering its length but otherwise I like it.

Ocelot Light Tank

A smaller version of the Cougar but different enough looking.

Minigal Scout vehicle

I use this as a scout vehicle for my light troops. The model was quite small so I added a few infantry onto the base, to represent dismounted scouts.

Tiger AA vehicle

A great looking SPAA vehicle and the gatling style cannon is very nice. It reminds me a lot of a modern M163 Vulcan or a ZSU-23-4 Shilka.

Tanami SPG

A cool self propelled artillery piece. The gun and mounting looks impressive without having a long barrel.

Kakadu Rocket Launcher

This has a simlar hull to the Tanami and the rocket pods are very nice.

Bennelong Command vehicle

A large model and very appropiate looking for a command vehicle. The large size makes them stand out on the table.

Bilby Command vehicle

A similar model to the Bennelong but with a different turret and a large radar. I found the radar tricky to mount as the contact point is small, and I didn't want to have it sticking up to high, in case it got knocked off.

Infantry with jet speeder

The infantry are from Brigade games while the jet speeder is a early plastic GW epic model. I had a few spare land speeders lying around and they go well with the rest of the Pacfed stuff and infantry.


These are Brigades generic scifi infantry and they are great models. There is a mix of infantry, command strips and support weapons. They are in combat gear reminiscent of GW Imperial guard or Starship trooper. The command packs provide extra command and scout type figures.