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21st September 2014

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Fifth Battle - Nirnaeth Arnoediad (The Battle of Unnumbered Tears)


After Dagor Bragollach the free peoples formed the Union of Maedhros and planned an assault on Angband. The plan was to advance from both eastern and western approaches and force Morgoth into battle. However Morgoth was informed of this plan by his spies and tried to thwart this. A great battle ensured and this lasted five days before the free peoples were defeated and their armies destroyed. This battle ended the hopes of the Elves and their allies of overthrowing Morgoth and only the intervention of the Valar could defeat Morgoth.. This battle starts just after the Easterlings have betrayed the Noldor and have gone over to Morgoth.

This scenario has been adapted for Fantasy Rules! 3 by Chipco.

Scenario Map and files

First Age Army Lists

Battle Map

First Age Army Lists for Fantasy Rules! 2


Noldor Alliance

Eastern Contingent
Noldor 750pts from Noldor List
led by Maedhros as a General
The six sons of Feanor as heroes
300pts from the Dwarven List
with Lord Azaghal as Hero
Loyal Easterling Allies 200pts from the Easterling List
with Bor as a Hero

Western Contingent
Noldor 750pts from Noldor List
with High King Fingon as a General
Sindar Elves
200pts from the Falas List
with Cirdan as a Hero
Men of Brethil
200pts from the Edain List
with Haldir as a Hero

Gondolin Contingent
Gondolin 1200pts from the Gondolin List
with Turgon as General
Tuor as hero, Maeglin as traitor hero with EW
Men of DorLomin
200pts from the Edain List
with Hurin as a Hero

Forces of Morgoth

Glaurungs Contingent
1500pts from the Morgoth List
with Glaurung as a General
No Dragons apart from Young Dragons or balrogs

Gothmogs Contingent
1500pts from the Morgoth List
with Gothmog as a General
No dragons.

Orc Contingent
1200pts from the Morgoth List
with an Orc Chieftain as a General
No dragons or balrogs.

Easterling Contingent
1000pts from the Easterling List
with Ulfang the Black as a General

  • This should be played on a 8x6 table in 15mm scale due the the large number of figures involved.

Special Rules
  • Due to the large forces for this battle, each Contingent has its own morale clock.

  • When an allied contingents morale clock is reduced to zero, their own morale drops by 2.

  • The Easterling Contingent should be split into two. One half led by Ulfang starts on table while the other half enters in the first turn on the eastern table edge.

  • This scenario may be split into two battles since the Noldor alliance never linked up as intended. The first battle should consist of the Western and Gondolin Contingents vs the Orc and Gothmog Contingents. The second battle should have the Eastern Contingent vs the Glaurung and Easterling Contingents.

  • Both sides must reduce the morale clock on at least 3 of their opponents continents, to zero.