This web site is about Wargaming using 6mm (also called 1/300th) scale figures in a variety of periods.

I hope to continue expanding the site into new periods and add some more articles on areas like terrain making and scratch building or converting figures and reviews. This site has reasonably regular updates so please check back here and let me know if you have any comments or corrections about this site.

The whole web site been rewritten a few times as I learn more about web development and try to keep up with new technologies, however this is a not my profession so I try to keep it simple.

If you have any questions or comments please email me

Kieran (2014)

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Why 6mm wargaming?

Some of the benefits of this scale include:
  • 6mm allows for a mass battle look and a more realistic ground scale. Units actually look like units rather than squads.

  • Painting a 6mm army is much quicker than larger scales. I can paint a unit of 24 figures quicker than a single 28mm figure.

  • The cost per base and army is better value than larger scales so you can have bigger armies or more of them.

  • The amount of space required to store armies and terrain is less.

  • 6mm figures are much easier and faster to paint especially if you use the 2ft rule. (no blending or subtle layering techniques required here!)

  • Conversions and scratchbuilding is much easier. Also it is easy to paint figures up to represent another troop type in this scale.

  • If you think the detail is lacking at this scale check out GHQ or Baccus and tell me they don't look better than a lot of 15mm figures!

Future 6mm plans and goals

  • I've renamed this section as there has been stuff listed in this section for years! Coming soon didn't seem appropiate anymore

  • New sections planned for the website are - WW2, Dark Ages and Franco-Prussian war and a couple of surprise projects which I somehow purchased. There has been a bit of work completed on these already, and I intend to expand the WW1 and Napoleonics sections.

  • More and better reviews of 6mm relevant wargaming pieces.

  • A question I get asked a lot is how to make xyz and what would you recommend for xyz? I have planned a bunch of quick and easy terrain making tutorials. In the future I will most likely expand this to include painting tutorials once I am happy with the level of my own painting.

Whats new

Updated 19th October 2016

Modern South African army
This army has slowly been repainted over the last year or so and some new models added. Click on this link to see the 2 new gallery pages.

Previous updates

These have been moved to a separate page. Click here to have a look.

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