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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Airforce One


Timeline: 1980s
Location: Somewhere in the Free World.

Airforce One is on to way to visit a friendly nation along with a fighter escort, due to possible attacks (based on reports from intelligence sources) from third world rogue state in the area.

The visit is to pledge support to this nation in their struggle against its neighbours who lay claim to their resources and territory. More cynical members of the press have suggested that the pledge may have something to do with the countries large mineral resources which has whipped US multinationals into a bidding frenzy.

However, President Jack Ryan is determined to complete his visit and shown the world that "he ain't scared of those punks" and that he "intends to help spread freedom and democracy through the known universe and then some!"

US briefing

Your squadron has been designated as the escort for the President's Airforce One plane. There have been reports of unknown bogeys in the area so you must be on alert and protect Airforce One at all costs. Failure would be unthinkable as your wife, children and even the pets, would disown you.

1 Boeing 747-400 - Ace pilot
2 F15 Eagles - Good Pilots

or choose 2 escorts from the following
F14 Tomcats
F18 Hornet
F16 Falcon

Boeing 747-400 Stats
Move: 6/12
Power: Low
Manoeuvre: Low
DPs: 16
Guns: none
Missile Load: none
Notes: Airforce One is equipped with 2 rounds of ECM and 2 of Chaff

Rogue State briefing

This is your nations best chance to strike against the president of the US and stop him from supporting your enemy's government. It would be a great victory against the US if this figurehead is killed, and our country would be held in high esteem in various parts of the world.

Your squadron has been chosen to carry out this important task. This is probably because the son of our esteemed leader is a pilot in your squadron, but unfortunately a poor pilot. As most of the nations wealth sits in Swiss bank accounts, you will have to make do with some rather elderly equipment.

4 Mig21s - 1 Average and 3 Poor/Green Pilots
4 Mig17/19s - 1 Average and 3 Poor/Green Pilots

Victory conditions

  • Rogue State Win - If Airforce One is shot down. Minor victory if at least 1 US plane is shot down without more than two casualties.

  • US Win - If Airforce One survives and all the Rogue planes are shot down. Minor victory if at least 2 enemy planes are shot down without casualties.

  • Other - Any other result is a draw.

Scenario Notes

  • Each player's planes must enter from opposite table edges.

  • Airforce One must fly from one end of the table to the other without been shot down.

  • Choose a type of terrain cloth for the region your Rogue State is in.

  • Any large airliner model will do to represent Airforce One since they are huge models in 1/300th scale. Revell makes a good range of airliners in 1/320th (but not a 747) which look very good.


Thanks to the Wessex games Historical list for info and stats.