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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Topgun vs Firefox


Timeline: 1980s
Location: Near the USSR border.

This scenario is based around two well-known movies during the eighties - Topgun and Firefox. It pits Tom against Clint in the ultimate Hollywood showdown. In this scenario Clint Eastwood (Mitchell Gant) has become a top Soviet Pilot (through brainwashing of course!) and is up against Tom Cruise (Maverick).

US Navy briefing

You've heard through the grapevine that the Russians have been shooting down you buddies with some flashy new plane. Your been given orders to not go after them but since when did you care about obeying orders! Both you and your wingman are keen to go and nail this b*$tard before any more of your drinking buddies take a bullet (or three).

1 x F14 Tomcat - Ace Pilot (Maverick and Goose) and
1 x F14 Tomcat - Good Pilot (Wolfman and Hollywood)
1 x F14 Tomcat - Ace Pilot (Iceman and Slider)

Soviet briefing

The Capitalist pigs keep invading the Motherland by flying their machines over your base. Your brief is to shoot down these dogs before they find out too much information about what is happening here and deter any more intruders. You have been training in one of the latest inventions from your comrades and the First Secretary General is keen to see how it does against these Yankee dogs.

1 x Mig31 Firefox - Ace Pilot (Mitchell Gant)

Mig31 Stats
Move: 6/30
Power: High
Manoeuvre: High
DPs: 8
Guns: Cannon
Missile Load: 4 x AA-7, 2 x AA-8
Notes: Stealthy, ECM, Chaff

Victory conditions

  • US Win - If the Firefox is shot down. Minor victory if Firefox sustains at least half damage.

  • Soviet Win - If both US planes are shot down. Minor victory if Maverick's plane is shot down.

  • Other - If either side has all their planes (F14s and Firefox only) shot down by the cannon fodder then they automatically lose. The humiliation is too great for their egos to handle. Any other result is a draw.

Scenario Notes

  • If the US Navy player wants to use Iceman instead of Wolfman, then Iceman and Maverick cannot start on the same side of the table (since they dont get along too well).

  • Each player's fighters must enter from opposite table edges.

  • Since no one makes a Firefox model I suggest using something like a S47 Berkut or a F22 Raptor. Otherwise I will include some photos at some point of how to scratch build a Firefox from a Berkut.

  • This was fought over land and parts of it through a twisting and turning canyon. You may want to consider some special rules for this, as C21 doesn't have any altitude rules.

  • If you find these guys struggle to shoot down each other before they run out of missiles, you might what to add some extra planes as cannon fodder for cheap easy kills. Add a couple of Mig21s to the Russian side (with average pilots) and a couple of F5 Tigersharks (with average pilots) to the US side, to represent Local Air units/Navy Aggressor units. These don't count
    towards victory conditions but are there just to help the Aces get their eye in.


Thanks to the Wessex games Historical list for info and stats for the Firefox.