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21st September 2014

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Malta Air Campaign


This page is for our WW2 Malta campaign which we are playing using Scramble by A&A Games. We have found this one of the more interesting periods of WW2 for air battles and it seems to be a favourite of other gamers.

A lot of the inspiration came from the great sources on the internet but especially the very helpful people on the Air Pirates Yahoo group. Also the Iraq -Iran campaign that some members are running.
Since we had four players we split the sides into the following:

  • British RAF

  • British FAA

  • German

  • Italian

This may not be the most accurate way to split the forces but we wanted something that could fit in with what sides each player was interested in and had models for. You could easily run this as a 2 or 3 player campaign instead.

Scenario Info

This section contains the rules and information we use to play the campaign. Note: we have only played one game so they will probably change as we find more bugs in them or add extra bits.

  • Scenario Rules All the rules and information for pilots and aircraft. They are for Scramble but should be able to be modified for other rulesets.

  • Special Events Cards These are used to add some random events to each mission. They were inspired by Iraq/Iran campaign reports off the AirPirates list.

  • Pilot Roster Used to track your pilots progress during the Campaign. The pictures are actually WW1 pilots which I hope to replace with WW2 pilots!

  • Aircraft Roster Some of the of planes used over Malta from 1940-41 which we use in our campaign. You can add and remove planes to match your own planes.

  • Scenarios Mission scenarios. Coming soon (once we create some).

Game Reports

We will be playing games every few weeks so check back here for new battle reports.

The reports are now all located Here. So far we haven't followed the campaign rules very closely but the games have been good fun.

Malta Info

Here is some additional information I've found while researching and playing the campaign.

Additional manoeuvres for Scramble. These were inspired by C:21 and C:1918 by Wessex Games and are designed to add some variety and fun to Scramble.