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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Sino-Japanese Gallery


Our gaming group has found the early WW2 war games more enjoyable with an interesting mix of aircraft, and the Sino-Japanese fits that quite nicely. The collection of aircraft I have for this period mainly consists of aircraft that didnt make it to WW2 or were at the twilight of their career by then.

The terrain used in the pictures is some coastlines I created for naval games and makes a good backdrop for the conflict.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Scotia IL-6 Rata

A very nice model although the tail fin looks a little large. Painted in a dark olive colour and with Nationalist markings from I-94 but the stripes on the tail fins were hand painted.

Scotia Curtiss CW21 Demon

This is a very small model and quite finely sculpted. I found it hard to find pictures of this so painted it in the standard dark olive colour that the US supplied their other planes to China in during that era.

Scotia Curtiss Hawk 75

A nicely proportioned model from Scotia but lacking very much detail. The colour and the markers are the same as the other aircraft.

Scotia Boeing P-26 Peashooter

A lovely model of this very cool looking plane. The model has nice detailing and its painted in a lighter shade of green, which seemed to be more common on US aircraft during the early 1930s. After I painted this I found out that some were orginally light grey when the were sent to China!

Scotia Tupelov SB2 Bomber

Another very good model from Scotia and a nice looking plane.

Scotia Mitsubishi A5M2 Claude

This is a very good model from Scotia and it is painted in an army colours which were used over China.

Scotia Mitsubishi A5M2 Claude

Painted in Japanese navy colours. I added to pole behind the cockpit as this seems to appear on earlier versions of of the Claude and some even sported flags!

Scotia Nakajima Ki 27 Nate

Another very good model from Soctia painted in Navy colours. Because of the light colour scheme I used a fine pencil to draw the panel lines on with, rather than the usual black pen. I think looks much better as it is not as much of a contrast as black.