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21st September 2014

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Modern Aircraft Gallery


This page is a catch-all of the various modern aircraft from my collection. Most of them were brought to support my 1/300th armies but now they get more use in air games such as C21 and others.

I've also added some photos of my Argentinan planes for the Falklands conflict. This is a very interesting conflict and has a number of different scenarios. Next I want to add some ordnance for under the wings of these models.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Heroics and Ros Airforce A4 Skyhawk

Argentinan Airforce A4 Skyhawk painted in the Grupo 5 colours. I filed down the hump in the fuselage to make it look like a A4B version since no one made that version when I brought these. The refueling pod was made from a piece of wire. Overall a very good model.

Heroics and Ros Naval A4 Skyhawk

This was also converted to an A4B version and it is painted in Argentinan navy colours. The lettering was done using decals from I-94 and each letter was put on individually, which took a while! The fuel tanks are from Scotia. I'm not sure if these should be dark blue or light grey as I have seen pictures of both.

Heroics and Ros Mirage III

This is painted in the standard airforce colours (from Grupo 8). They were pulled back early in the war and mainly reserved for mainland defence. A nice model from H&R although the fuselage looks a little bit too fat.

Scotia/Collectair Super Entendard

A very nice model painted in the navy scheme. Only 4 were available (along with 5 Exocets) and none were lost during the war. I stuck the lettering on in the same way as the Skyhawks, one by one.

Another Airforce A4 Skyhawk

Another model from H&R which I painted in the Grupo 4 colours. This has being converted to a "B" version, the same as the others.

Scotia/Collectair Kfir

This was converted to a Dagger by filling the holes where the canard wings would normally go. I also added a piece of wire as a refuelling probe. The model is painted in Grupo 6 colours.


Painted in South African colours. They are by an old NZ company called Military Miniatures (now Battlefront) and aren't too bad.

Heroics and Ros Mirage 2000

Painted in a French airforce colour scheme and better model than the H&R Mirage III.

Heroics and Ros Saab Grippen

The latest Multi role fighter painted in the Swedish airforce colours. A very nice model which comes with the missiles molded on.