6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

A review of Samtrees Architectural vehicles


I saw these advertised somewhere and they looked pretty nice and mostly importantly are the right scale. It was hard to tell from the photo what they looked, like but the price seemed reasonable for architectural models so I ordered a couple of packs.

The models themselves look like they are made from some sort of clear resin and they have been painted (including the headlights) apart from the windows. You get 6 cars and one minvan/people mover per pack. The cars look pretty modern (90s) but are pretty generic. The detail is pretty good but I will probably try and highlight them a bit to match the painting style of the rest of my civilian vehicles (it also made me realise that I should gloss varnish the other civilian vehicles I have painted as they had a gloss finish not like military vehicles).

As the photos show they look a bit too low so I think I will pimp them a bit by giving them bigger wheels (and maybe some flames on the bonnet).

6mm Wargaming

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Samtree 1/300th cars

Here's all the models and you might be able to see from the pictures that there is 3 slightly different style of cars.

Samtree cars with a H&R Gaz 469

As you can see they look a little small but are still perfectly usable. Or maybe the Gaz is too high and chunky.

Samtree cars with a Scotia M35 truck and a Navwar Foden truck

Next to some large trucks, they look about the right size

Top down shot

You can see in this picture that the size of the cars, look good in terms of length and width, compared to as Scotia BMP1.

Another angle

This shot shows the rear quarter of the vehicles.

In action photos

Here's a picture of them from a moderns game. I used them to decorate an Autobahn that we had running across the table.