6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

A review of Samtrees Trees


I ordered some trees from this supplier (www.Samtrees.com) as I had seen some of their 15mm trees in a local railway shop and they were very nice. They also make some 1/300th scale cars, which looked good (see here for the review). I got a mix of brass etched and the more traditional twisted wire trees. The plan was to use the brass etched trees on bases around buildings where they really stood out.

I pretty much ordered 2 of most types (Brass etched and Swing & wire) in 30mm height but I mixed a few larger and smaller sizes in as well. The trunks on the brass etched trees are prepainted and have a piece of wire glued to them, which you can cut to length or stick into your terrain boards.

Their twisted wire trees are also suitable as they start at 40mm high, but they are a lot more expensive.


  • Available in quantities from 1+.

  • You can pick the size and colours.

  • The flock is very good quality and the look realistic.

  • Huge selection of shapes and colours.


  • Price (if you want to cover a whole table).

  • May be a bit fragile for some gamers.

6mm Wargaming

Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

Brass etched trees

A mix of sizes and colours (I didn't intend to order the white ones but I will try repainting them with a thin wash) and all are beautiful quality.

Small Brass etched trees

Lovely quality and nicely packed in cellophane.

Brass etched "Wide Spread" Model Trees

These look fantastic and very realistic. I like how the flock is applied sparingly.

"Swing and wire" trees

They have a good selection of colours, sizes and shapes to give you lots of variety. Again the flock is very nice quality and the trees look very good especially on mass.

Large twisted wire trees

These trees are a lot wider than the pine and popular shaped trees. Again there is a number of different flock colours that you can choose.

Trees based up

Here's a photo of showing some trees I got on my new village bases. The colours and variety work well in the terrain.