6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

A review of Scenery pieces


This page shows a selection of unpainted scenery items that I had lying around. I hope to add more as I have a lot that is already painted and based. A lot of the Irregular stuff is nice and much better than their buildings, but the descriptions are vague and the photos on their website are not very flattering.

6mm Wargaming

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CNC Telegraph poles

These come in packs of 6 and are very good models from CNC. It could get expensive if you want to run them next to all your roads. The metal the use is pretty soft so the poles have a tendency to bend.

Irregular farm/field gates

A couple of different style of gates, for your terrain which can have a lot of uses. The Irregular code for these is RU54. Great pieces!

Irregular Command Base

This is from the Napoleonics range although it is flexible to suit a lot of periods, and is quite nice. The flag is separate and there is nice details like barrels and commanders on the base. The only downside is the horses, which are very badly sculpted.

Stone bridge by Irregular

A nicely detailed bridge with brick work and vegetation. It is quite large and wide and could easily fit a 6mm AFV on it.

Timecast fences

One of the metal fences Timecast makes and quite a sturdy model.

Irregular doors and windows

A small selection from the RU49 code (the rest I have already used and you can see some in the buildings photos). Well detailed and extremely useful for making or converting buildings. Other pieces in the pack include stairs and roofs.

ScaleLink brass etched fences

"Spear point fencing" from the "Architecture" range. Fantastic detail and very fine but not too delicate considering how thin it is. The set includes some very nice gates. The closeup showing the beautiful quality which you couldn't achieve with metal or resin castings.

ScaleLink brass etched trees

"From the "Etched Brass Foliage 1:152-1:160 Feuillage N" range (Reference #SNF040). In the second photo you can see the details of the branches.
After I bent the branches on a tree I thought it looked a bit flat so I covered some of it with "Selley no more gaps" (see the main terrain section for info on this product). I experimented with different flocks but none came out as well as I would have liked, but the idea is promising. I think if some fine fibres are stretched over the branches before the foilage is added, they will look muych better.