6mm Wargaming

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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

A review of Civilian vehicles


I wanted to create this page after a frustrating search to find some decent 1/300th vehicles for games.

Below is a small sample of models that is more out there but most of them are only useful as commercial vehicles. I don't tend to buy Irregular as the quality of their vehicles that I have seen is very poor (except for WW1 stuff).

Next I hope to add some more photos included pictures of painted models along with some ideas on converting these to other civilian vehicles.

Some of the options available to wargamers at the moment include:-

  • The vehicles available from Heroics and Ros, GHQ, Scotia, CNC etc are mostly military or commercial vehicles. You can get a good range of trucks, 4WDs and pickups but not many cars or stationwagons.

  • Converting some of the smaller models to civilian cars is tricky as they are very small in that scale.

  • Most of the architecture models available are the wrong scale, or have poor detail and very expensive.

  • Irregular makes a 6mm cars pack but they are huge and more like 10mm and the quality is poor. The cars in the pack dwarf my T80s and the articulated truck is massive.

  • There is a number of WW2 cars that can be used, but for games past the 1950s they look a bit out of date.

  • 6mm Wargaming

    Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized image.

    Heroics and Ros GMC pickup truck

    A nice model which has some good potiential for conversions (for example a stationwagon). You could also try cutting one in half and joining the two front halves together to make a car, but I haven't tried this yet.

    Irregular Fire engine

    This model is more suitable for the post war and is quite well detailed and very good by Irregular standards. You ca see on this page the two different models of fire engines they make and both are good.

    A different Irregular Fire engine

    This model is obviously meant to represent an earlier model and could be useful for the 40-60s era. Again a good model from Irregular.

    Scotia UAZ452 minibus/ambulance

    This casting is a little rough but it is still an useful item from Scotia. It would probably be easy to convert/paint up to look like other civilian vans eg a VW combi.

    Scotia Motorbike (riderless)

    Quite nice model from Scotia and well cast. The model with a rider on it is also very good.

    Irregular Diesel Train

    This is in the Equipment and Scenery range and is labelled as ES28. A very well detailed model from Irregular which is useful as a modern locomotive.

    H&R Fiat 518 car

    I think this is the 518 model but I brought it a while ago so I could be wrong! A useful model which can be used as a generic civilian car in the 30/40s.

    H&R Foden Cargo 6x6

    From the modern British range and it comes with a separate cargo load. This is useful as a modern truck and the cab can easily be removed from the rest of it to be use for scratch building.

    H&R Foden with container

    Another shot of this model but with a container added, originally from Old Crow. The flat deck is quite useful as you can model a number of different loads on it.

    Old Crow containers

    Resin containers from Old Crow. They are pretty big and just fit on the back of the Foden, and they could be used for larger trucks.

    Scotia M-35 Dump truck

    A good model and great for those dioramas of construction sites!

    Irregular sailing boat

    A large boat from Irregular which the hull can be used in lots of different ways.

    Irregular row boat

    A nice boat which doesn't show up very well in the photos. Very useful for all sorts of periods.