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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

A review of Civilian vehicles


This page is a recent batch of civilian vehicles I acquired and converted for my gaming. The gaming tables are getting quite full now with trucks, buses and cars scattered everywhere!

Not everyone with want to try their hand at converting existing vehicles or scratch building them, so hopefully there is enough ideas on these pages to provide a good idea of the selection of civilian vehicles out there.

6mm Wargaming

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Heroics and Ros VW Beetle

A lovely model from this new range of models from H&R and a much improved casting. I filed the roof down slightly to make it a hardtop, rather than the soft top which the model comes as.

Heroics and Ros GMC pickup

This is the van body version next to a pickup version I painted earlier. The van body is nicely detailed but has a noticeable mold line running through the middle which is annoying and hard to remove.

Heroics and Ros German Bus

A very cool bus model with crisp detail and can be brough with the trailer below, or separately. This was a joy to paint up.

Heroics and Ros German Bus trailer

When I saw the bus and trailer from (H&R, formely Armstrong Models) I thought that the trailer would be useful on its own. I chopped off the trailer arm and added a radiator and bumper made from plasticard and a small piece of sandpaper. I think I could do better on the next one, but I happy how it came out and I like the paint job. Or if your feeling lazy you could j ust chop off the trailer arm and it will still look good.

Scotia Samil 100 Container body truck

A huge truck model from Scotia. A good casting of this massive truck. I painted it as a furniture removal truck but I need to add a logo to the side.

Heroics and Ros Foden truck conversion

I used a H&R Modern British Foden truck as the basis for this conversion. I like the Foden because it doesn't look too military truck IMHO. The rear was made from plasticard and the wheels from green stuff. Another truck for the IKEA fleet!

H&R 18 wheeler truck conversion

Another conversion of the H&R Foden. It is meant to be an 18 wheeler but the back wheels are only singles and are a bit crooked. I think I'll replace the wheels one day but otherwise I'm pleased with the model. The trailer and the rest of the tractor were made from Plasticard offcuts and the fuel tanks are cut from round plastcard strips.

The whole IKEA fleet

I have a couple of modern 6mm Scandanvian armies (Swedish and Finnish) so I decided to paint up a fleet of IKEA trucks for my games. One day I will make an IKEA shop to compliment these vehicles.