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6mm Wargaming

Battle at Pelargir - Third Age, 13 March 3019


As Aragorn descended out of the Paths of the Dead and towards Pelargir he came across a battle at Gilrain between Lamedon and the invaders from Umbar and Harad. Both sides fell back in fear of the Shadow Host, and Aragorn continued his journey towards Pelargir. As he approached, he came across a Corsair fleet of 50 great ships and countless smaller ones. Some of the ships were embarking, trying to escape from the approaching army. The Haradrim with nowhere to go, fought with desperate ferocity.

Aragorn called forward the Shadow host and they came forth and swept all away before them. They drew their pale swords and no one could withstand them. After the battle Aragorn released the Oathbreakers from their duty and they disappeared.

The Oathbreakers were Men from the White Mountains who swore an allegiance to Isildur during the Second Age. When the failed to honour their oath, they were cursed by Isildur to walk the paths of the dead and survive without rest until their oath was fulfilled.

This scenario has been adapted for Fantasy Rules! 2 by Chipco.

Scenario Map and files

Scenario Map

Fantasy Rules! 3 Version

Special Rules
  • The Invaders morale clock starts on 7. This due to the skirmish beforehand and some of the Harad retreating back to the main fleet and spreading fear.

  • Elladan, Elrohir and Halbarad are combined to represent Aragorns kinsmen for this battle. They may only be attached to the Dunedain Rangers.

  • Aragorn may attach himself to any unit.

  • This should be played on a 4x4 table for 15mm scale.

  • The river Anduin is not crossable at any point.

Victory conditions

Corsairs and Harad
The Invaders must survive for at least 8 turns to prevent their boats been captured in time or reduce the enemies morale clock to zero.

Aragorn and Shadow Host
The Shadow host must reduce the Invaders morale clock to zero in 8 turns. Aragorn must survive.

Scenario Notes
  • You may use more goblins warriors and wargs if you have the figures. The book describes as the lands being black with hordes, but this may stretch your figure collection and may not effect the outcome of the game.

  • The forces and special rules are designed to try and make the game follow the book as closely as possible. You may add, change or remove any special rules if you feel they are not appropriate. The unit scales vary to allow for important events and also to provide an enjoyable game

  • You may vary troop types and force sizes, as there is very little information on this battle and the forces involved.

Mini Campaign
  • This battle could be the beginning of a mini campaign and finishing with the Battle of the Black Gate.

  • If Aragorn's force takes longer than 7 turns to destroy the Invaders, then every additional turn it takes to win will delay their arrival at Pelennor by the same number of turns.

  • If Aragorn is killed the Dunedain Rangers will not travel to Pelennor for the battle.


Aragorn's force

Char/Unit nameTypeSpecial AbilitiesMap Position
Aragorn1 General(+2 0 +2), EW1. See special rules
Dunedain Rangers1 RangerElite + Bowfire1
Aragorns Kinsmen1 Hero(+1 0 +1)1. See special rules
King of the Dead1 Hero(+1 0 +1). Fear2

Shadow Host

Char/Unit nameTypeSpecial AbilitiesMap Position
1200pts from the following:-
CavalryHCFear (+5pts)
SwordsmenHWFear (+5pts)
SpearSpFear (+5pts)
BowCBFear (+5pts)
SkirmishersSkFear (+5pts)


Char/Unit nameTypeSpecial AbilitiesMap Position
Admiral1 General(+2 0 +2)
Captain of the Haven1 Hero(+1 0 +1)
Chieftain of Harad1 Hero(+1 0 +1)

Corsairs of Umbar

Char/Unit nameTypeSpecial AbilitiesMap Position
300pts from the following:-
Captain's GuardHWElite
DromundsBWWater only, 2x1, 3x1 or 3x2 Jug
MarinesSpGrapple (optional)
MarinesHWGrapple (optional)
Dromund CrewsMobs
Dromund CrewsSk

The Haradrim

Char/Unit nameTypeSpecial AbilitiesMap Position
700pts from the following:-
Cavalry with scimitarsHC
Far Haradrim horsemenLC
Armoured SpearmenSpMay have HA
Other ArchersSk
Far Haradrim footMobs