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The Battle of the Black Gate - Third Age, 25th March 3019


This battle began ten days after Pelennor fields and was the last major battle in the Third Age. A force of 6000 infantry and 1000 cavalry left Minas Tirith to attack the enemy at the gates of Mordor. A force of 1000 was dispatched before they reached the Black gate to take Cair Andros. Once the force reached Morannon, Aragorn deployed his forces on to two large piles of slag and rubble and they spoke with the Lieutenant of the Black Tower. As the Black Lieutenant returned to the gate, a pre-arranged signal from Mordor was given, and the orcs rushed forward down from the hills while a vast host streamed out from the Black Gate. An Easterling army also appeared from around the shadows of Ered Lithui and advanced towards the defenders. The army crossed the swampy ground and the trolls were first to contact the defenders as the battle began. Meanwhile, above the Nazgul circled as the orcs advanced, firing their bows and attacking the besiegers. After a short while, the eagles arrived and at the same time, the Nazgul fled, as Sauron recalled them back to Mordor.

As battle continued, the One ring was cast into Mount Doom. The earth rocked and the Black Gate crumbled and all the creatures of Mordor broke and fled, while some destroyed themselves. The men of Southron and Harad stayed and continued to fight, knowing their war was lost, however some threw down their weapons, and the battle continued until all were subdued.

This scenario has been adapted for Fantasy Rules! 2 by Chipco.

Scenario Map and files

Scenario Map

Fantasy Rules! 3 Version

Special Rules
  • At the beginning of the 5th turn roll a D10. On a roll of 9-10, the Eagles arrive and the Nazgul will be retreat off the south edge and reduce their morale clock by 2 If this roll fails, add 2 to the roll for each subsequent turn.

  • Two turns after the Nazgul have departed, roll a D10, On a roll of 10 any Orcs, Trolls and 50% of any Easterlings and Haradim should be removed from the table and the morale clock reduced by 4. If this roll passes, add 1 to the roll for each subsequent turn.

  • The Easterlings are placed on the table on turn 2.

  • If Gandalf is killed, subtract 3 from the morale clock immediately, Aragorn or the Black Lieutenant, subtract 2, any Nazgul subtract 1.

  • Riders of Rohan can dismount during the battle. Kn as Elite Spear, HC as Spear, and LC as Skirmishers.

  • Defenders that suffer a double demoralisation are not pushed back as per the rule book, and therefore will not be destroyed if they cannot be pushed back.

  • Units on higher ground than their opponents get a +1 to combat.

  • All units firing at units defending in terrain get a +1 to their dice rolls.

  • The Nazgul cannot come within 30cm of Gandalf.

  • The marshes count as bad terrain.

Victory conditions

Forces of Mordor
Reduce the Defenders moral clock to zero before the destruction of the Ring.

The Good Forces
Hold off until the destruction of the Ring and reduce the remaining force's morale clock to zero.

Scenario Notes
  • This battle is a difficult battle to fight as the Forces of Mordor must destroy the enemy quickly before time runs out. Normally the player controlling the army would not know that they have limited time available. This may be run better if a umpire is used and neither side knows the outcome beforehand, however this is unlikely if the players are familiar with the book.

  • This battle could be part of a mini campaign beginning with the Battle of Pelennor Fields and finishing with this. The forces of Mordor would not need to change for each battle but the army sent from Gondor could be effected by the outcome of the first battle.

  • You may use more for the forces of Mordor if you have the figures. It was described as been 10 times more numerous and 10 times more powerful than the forces of Aragorn in the book, but this may stretch your figure collection and may not effect the outcome of the game.

  • The forces and special rules are designed to try and make the game follow the book as closely as possible. You may add, change or remove any special rules if you feel they are not appropriate.


The Good Forces

Char/Unit nameTypeSpecial AbilitiesMap Position
Gandalf1 WizardLevel 2, (+2 0 +2),EW2
Beregond1 Hero(+1 0 +1)1
Rangers of Ithilien1 RangerElite + Bowfire2
Guards, Men-at-arms, etc3 Sp1
Men-at-arms of Dol Amroth2 Sp1
Axemen of Lossarnach1 HW2
Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth1 Hero(+2 0 +2)1
Knights of Dol Amroth1 KnElite1 (See note 6)
Eomer1 Hero(+1 0 +1)1
Rohan dismounted cav1 Sp1
Riders of Rohan1 KnElite1 (See note 6)
Aragorn1 General(+2 0 +2), EW2
Dunedain Rangers1 RangerElite + Bowfire2
South Gondor Spear2 Sp2
South Gondor Bow1 CB2
Gwaihir Lord of Eagles1 Sml MonsterElite, Flying3
Eagles5 Sml MonsterFlying3

Forces of Mordor

Char/Unit nameTypeSpecial AbilitiesMap Position
Lieutenant of the Black Tower1 Hero(+1 0 +1), Fear, EW4
Morgul Cavalry1 HCElite4
Nazguls6 EtherealFear, Flying4
Orc battalions10 Mobs+1 CF5
Orc archers6 CB5
Troll Chief1 Hero(+2 0 +0)6
Hill Trolls of Gorgoroth4 Sml Mon6
Harad Cavalry2 HC5
Harad Veteran spearmen4 Sp5
Harad Archers4 CB5
Orcs battalions8 Mobs+1 CF7
Orc archers4 CB7

The Easterlings

Char/Unit nameTypeSpecial AbilitiesMap Position
Easterling Chieftain1 Hero(+1 0 +1)8
Easterling Cavalry1 HC8
Easterling Light Cavalry2 LCBowfire8
Easterling axemen4 HW8
Easterling Spear4 Sp8
Easterling Bow4 CB8