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21st September 2014

6mm Wargaming

Third Battle - Dagor Aglareb (The Glorious Battle)


After deciding that the time was right and Elves were otherwise occupied, Morgoth once more sent forth a great host of Orcs. Numerous bands made raids throughout the east and west while the main force attacked Dorthonion. However they were attacked on both sides by the forces of Fingolfin and Maedhros and were beaten back to the gates of Angband, where the remnants were destroyed. After this battle, Morgoth realised that unaided, his Orcs were no match for the Elves. This scenario begins as the Forces of Morgoth are attacking Dorthonion and the armies of Fingolfin and Maedhros attacking the orcs from both sides.

This scenario has been adapted for Fantasy Rules! 3 by Chipco.

Scenario Map and files

First Age Army Lists

Scenario Map

First Age Army Lists for Fantasy Rules! 2


1500pts from Noldor List
with High King Fingolfin as General
Maedhros as a General
Dorthonion 300pts from Edain list

Forces of Morgoth
1500pts from the Morgoth List
with an Orc Chieftain as General
No dragons or balrogs. Only Orc characters.

  • The southern table edge should contain the edge of a mountain range.

  • The middle of the table should be covered with scattered hills and woods.

  • This should be played on a 6x4 table in 15mm scale.

Special Rules
  • The Noldor force should be split evenly between Maedhros and Fingolfin.

  • Maedhros forces start on the Eastern table edge and Fingolfins on the Western table edge. Both may deploy up to 30cm in from the table edge.

  • The Forces of Morgoth must start at least 30cm in from the Northern table edge.

  • The garrison from Dorthonion must deploy up to 60cm in from the Southern edge.

  • Both sides must reduce their opponents morale clock to zero.

Scenario Notes

The forces and special rules are designed to try and make the game follow the books as closely as possible. You may add, change or remove any special rules if you feel they are not appropriate.